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Do you have a product video you'd like to use overseas?
Are you developing a flash presentation for an international client?

Advance Language Studios LLP has decades of experience handling the unique challenges of multimedia foreign language adaptation. We handle all aspects of the project, including written script translation, supplying experienced native voice-over talent, and directing the actual recording and editing sessions. All audio recording and editing is done in a state-of-the-art, broadcast-quality recording studio, utilizing Digidesign Pro Tools software.

Depending on the details of the project and your specific needs, several delivery options are available. We can dub a mixed foreign audio track directly to your BetaSP, creating a foreign master tape. Or, we can upload the foreign track to your ftp site or send it to you on CD. If you are adapting a Flash program, we can deliver individual foreign language voice files corresponding to your English files.

If you are interested in subtitling your program, we can oversee that as well. In certain instances, subtitling may prove to be a more efficient method of foreign adaptation. Let us review your program, and we can discuss the pros and cons of the various approaches -- voice-over, subtitling, or a combination of both.

So whether you're interested in a foreign version of a training or product video, employee video newsletter, Flash presentation or any other program, Advance Language Studios, LLP has the experience to handle your project.

Click the CONTACT US button above, which will link you to a form you can use to describe your project to us. Or, you can always call us at+1.413.884.6167 to discuss your needs.