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Do you need to communicate with your multilingual workforce?
Are your employees not fluent in English?
You need to speak your employees' language!

Perhaps you have a facility in the Southwest US with a large Spanish-speaking workforce. . . or your Chicago factory employs a large number of Polish-speaking workers. It might be that you have a division in Canada with many French-speaking workers . . . or you may have subsidiaries across Europe.

Regardless of your situation, Advance Language Studios LLP can help you translate your internal documents -- newsletters, training manuals, benefit materials -- into your employees' native language. We'll work directly with your Human Resources or Training Department to quickly and economically translate any employee material into the language you need.

Click the CONTACT US button above, which will link you to a form you can use to describe your project to us. The form also provides an email link so that you can send us a sample of your project. Or, you can always call us at+1.413.884.6167 to discuss your needs.