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Do you need business documents translated?

Doing business today means doing business internationally. Sooner or later, you will probably need to have business documents translated. Perhaps you are an attorney investigating a patent infringement claim, and need to have a Japanese patent translated. Or maybe your foreign supplier has submitted a contract in German and you need to have portions translated into English in order to confirm your understanding of key points.

Whatever your need, Advance Language Studios LLP has a worldwide pool of expert, experienced translators who can translate specialized contracts, patents, articles and data sheets. We will always maintain your proprietary information in the strictest confidence. To that end, we are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding any project we undertake.

Click the CONTACT US button above, which will link you to a form you can use to describe your project to us. The form also provides an email link so that you can send us a sample of your project. Or, you can always call us at +1.413.884.6167 to discuss your needs.