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Advance Language Studios LLP began in 1964, serving the translation needs of Chicago’s business and legal communities. Those early projects were completed using typewriters and carbon paper. A/V projects were recorded on reel-to-reel tape, edited by hand with a razor blade. Clients often sent projects to us in the mail, and final delivery was usually accomplished by walking the finished product down the street to the client’s office. Even straightforward projects took weeks or even months to complete.

Today, Advance Language Studios LLP's client base has expanded to encompass a broad spectrum of industries. We work with manufacturers of consumer goods, industrial manufacturers, graphic designers, benefit consultants, and law firms, just to name a few. Print projects are all completed on computer, using state of the art communication, word processing, translation memory and graphics software packages. A/V projects are recorded in digital studios, allowing easy synchronization to an existing English program. Project submission and delivery is instantaneous via email or ftp upload. The pace of business today has demanded that turnaround times shrink to days or sometimes even hours.

Though the tools of the trade, delivery methods and deadlines have all changed over the years, Advance Language Studios LLP has always remained committed to delivering quality translations, on time and within budget. We offer a turn-key package that includes all required services in any language you may need.

Advance Language Studios LLP has experience with projects in many different print formats, including employee newsletters, sales contracts, product packages and technical instruction manuals. We have also helped clients successfully adapt projects in various media, including video, CD-Rom and Flash.

All projects are coordinated by our core office staff, with decades of combined translation industry experience. This staff oversees our worldwide network of qualified language professionals. You are assured that your project will be handled by translators who possess both the linguistic and subject matter backgrounds to produce accurate, native-quality translations.

Translations are produced with the aid of state-of-the-art translation memory software, ensuring consistency of terminology, both within a project and with your other projects. All projects are reviewed and edited by a second translator, helping to ensure the quality of the finished piece.

Whatever business your company is in, Advance Language Studios LLP has the experience to handle your project with accuracy, meeting both your budgetary and scheduling requirements.

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